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Deana Carter | As Liz Winters

Drenched in sun-kissed natural beauty both inside and out, Deana Carter didn’t take a seemingly easy route to stardom, but instead chose to defy the conventional expectations of the typical Nashville artist blueprint and make her own mark.

And she did, undeniably taking the industry and fans by storm with her wildly successful multi-platinum international 1996 debut, Did I Shave My Legs For This?  Anchored by the dreamy super hit “Strawberry Wine,” Carter showcased her own blend of country and retro-rock sprinkled with the folksy singer/songwriter qualities that have garnered Carter well-deserved respect and wild acclaim.

On her most recent album, Southern Way of Life, Carter explores many subjects commonly shared over a quaint dinner, afternoon coffee or a sunny day hike with a good friend. The songs weave through the sometimes rocky terrain of adulthood, including loss of love, relationships on many different levels, trials, tribulations and simply put – life.

Her debut album, Did I Shave My Legs For This? boasts six songs co-written and co-produced by Carter and was released to strong reviews in late 1996. By the end of the year, the record had climbed to the top of both the country and pop charts, quickly achieving multi-platinum status. A “first” for the genre, Deana’s celebrated debut held this distinction for more than five years. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright followed in late 1998 and in 2001, Carter realized her dream of performing with her dad on a holiday album aptly titled Father Christmas. Making a strong move towards adult pop, Carter released I’m Just a Girl on Arista Records in 2003, the same year Capitol Records released a Greatest Hits compilation. Follow-ups The Story of My Life in 2005 and The Chain in 2007 were both released on Vanguard Records.

In an effort to pay homage to her musical roots and preserve her legendary father’s label Nugget Records, that famously presented some of the best in country music some 40 years ago, Carter recently opened her own label, Little Nugget Records, on which her latest album Southern Way of Life was released.

Carter now divides her time between Los Angeles and Nashville, writing and producing for both the pop/rock and country markets when not on the road touring.

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1996      Did I Shave My Legs For This? Capitol Nashville

1998     Everything’s Gonna Be Alright    Capitol Nashville

2001     Father Christmas                                   Rounder

2003     I’m Just A Girl                           Arista Nashville

2005     The Story of My Life                              Vanguard Records 2007     The Chain*                                            Vanguard Records


Anastasia (Atlantic Records) – theme song – “Once Upon A December”

Hope Floats (Capitol Records) – “What Makes You Stay”